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by Emily Soares Proctor

School Zone
Image by Steve Corey via Flickr

Let’s face it. Social media pressure can be formidable when you have your own business. I’ve helped others set up their own SM entities, while struggling to stay excited about my own. Why is that? Because knowing that you should do something–exercise, keep your desk clean, write  ‘thank you’ cards promptly–doesn’t mean the inspiration will materialize like that.

So why blog? Well, if you’re a writer, it’s another exercise to flex your fingers and your brain, experiment with voice and approach. And in any business, a regularly updated blog can increase your search engine visibility, your credibility and your up-to-dateness (now it’s a word). But the fact is that if you are not into what you’re writing, or, similarly, the way you’re exercising, it will be really hard to keep it up. So here’s my recommendation. Stop hyperventilating to the frantic voices of high volume. Write what you care about it and make it good. In most cases consider what your clients and colleagues would like to read. But in others, write what you think needs to be said. Maybe it’s a position that doesn’t match the prevailing wisdom of what others who blog and tweet in your industrosphere are saying. So what? If you believe it and it’s true for you, it’s worth sharing. You’ll discover there are others out there experiencing the same thing.

What do you think?

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  1. Thank you, thank you, and thanks… advice like this is seriously, some of the soundest I’ve heard. Quality must prevail over content, otherwise you’re just fooling yourself!

  2. Kiné Camara says:

    I completely agree. I just started blogging because I am really enjoying my time in college and I do not have enough opportunities to share my experiences and knowledge in the real world. Blogging allows me to finish the conversation started in class or at work, and to reflect further.

  3. That’s awesome, Kine! You’re also creating a great record of what you thought about all that you’re learning now and your place in the dialogs you start. I wish I’d been able to do the same!

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