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Get to the Bottom of the Page


by Emily Soares Proctor

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We’ve all had writer’s block. Sometimes it lasts for only an instant. On certain projects it can come to feel permanent.  But I’ve found a fool-proof method a of pushing yourself through the middle of a first draft or a simple blog post. It’s called “Get to the Bottom of the Page.” Nothing earth-shattering or terribly new there, but it’s had a profound impact for me. In fact, I chanted it to myself for the first two weeks of writing on a manuscript from which I’d been on a long hiatus. And what I found was that I was so busy thinking about getting to the bottom of the page that I stopped thinking too hard about what I was writing and stopped editing everything before it even had a chance to come out. After a while I didn’t have to push myself to finish the pages; I was so caught up in the story again that they simply grew, as we hope they do, one after the other.

What do you do to get through writer’s block?

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  1. Amber says:

    I’ll have to try that.

    I’ve found limiting other distractions (chores, the INTERWEBS, etc.) helps immensely.

    Recently, I downloaded a timer / stopwatch app for Chrome. Setting this for 20 minutes does the trick…or, tricks my brain. If my mind quiets enough to be tricked, I can go, go, go for the duration of the timer, then go again.

  2. Hi Amber!

    These are great ideas. I also disconnect until I’m so into the writing that I won’t start researching instead, until the next time! I love the timer. Looking for it now…

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