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Our firm has worked with Emily for six years, and during that time she has done branding, Web content, brochures and press releases for dozens of our clients, all of it expertly written and delivering exactly what each client wanted. Emily works quickly and meticulously--a rare combination. She has the ability to get it right the first time, honing in on essential messaging. She is also personable, flexible and easy to work with. We have enjoyed our long relationship with her and recommend her highly!

- April Wright, Principal, 524 Creative


Emily has three big “must haves” when it comes to writing copy:

  1. She asks the right questions. A good writer will be able to quickly understand a business and its customers' needs. Emily does this with precision.

  2. She writes relevant content that is also interesting. Any writer can put facts on paper but to truly engage a reader while maintaining the focus on the company’s products and services is a true talent.

  3. She knows her grammar. Let me just state this again… Emily knows grammar! Believe it or not, I’ve come across more than one writer that can present creative ideas but cannot be depended on to write them correctly. I never worry or even second-guess Emily.

I’m a graphic designer and I use copywriters on a regular basis. Emily is first on my list whenever a copy job lands on my desk. I’ve used her on multiple projects and have been thrilled with the results, every time.

- Tamara McElhannon, Owner, Tamara McElhannon - Graphic Design

Emily was wonderful to work with here at Turner. She kept our group running efficiently and always had priorities well organized and under control. Her creativity shone through in all her material, and she managed a collection of contract writers extremely well. She was not afraid to try new things and had a passion for challenging the norm. It was refreshing to have her on our team and her presence is missed.

- Steve Hyland, Art Director, TNT/TBS


“Emily is a walking encyclopedia of pop culture information and an experienced journalist which makes her ideal for articles about film, music, television and other cultish things. I hired her away from to work with me at and continue to use her for freelance assignments at She has her own unique style and a wonderful sense of humor. Two thumbs up!”

- Jeff Stafford, Senior Editor,


“Emily reported to our marketing manager and handled the lion's share of copywriting work for She's a consummate wordsmith and incredibly reliable. In a Web marketing environment, it's important to have a consistent product "voice" that can be plugged into long-form SEO articles or short catalog descriptions. Emily was that voice for our successful online product, and we were lucky to have her.”   

- Mike Bielenberg, Digital Strategist, Motor Trend Certified

“Emily is an experienced and reliable writer. She provides thorough, colorful, meticulous content for a variety of outlets. I look forward to working with her regularly.”  

- Michael Dalton, Creative Director, Hartmann Studios

















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