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by Emily Soares Proctor

Rusty Writer
Image by Steve Wampler via Flickr

Thankfully, the amount of resources available to the online writer and researcher increase every day. There are free keyword suggestions via Google Adwords Keyword Tool , Wordtracker’s tool and the All in One SEO Pack for WordPress, for example. But perhaps the greatest weapon in the blogger’s arsenal is Zemanta, a tool available for browsers and, most significantly, WordPress users.

When you plug in Zemanta, it works in the WordPress dashboard, hanging on your every word and responding with images and related articles that constantly update as you go. Drag and drop the suggested links and pictures into your post and  you’ve just created more linkable, licensed content that has been chosen for you as you write. As I’ve been tapping away, these articles have been recommended. A simple click and they are a part of the post:

The time and brain power saved is considerable, plus you learn as you go and can revise the approach to your subject as the resources displaying in the Zemanta window spur new ideas. It’s an evolving, exciting process, and if you’re like so many bloggers who wonder what of interest they can find to write about on any given day, Zemanta is the steadfast and creative assistant you’ve been waiting for, who also makes it fun. There’s even a handy “reblog” button included at the buttom of the post, as you see on the right, to make it easy for others to send your wisdom onto someone else.

What’s your favorite tool? Let us know!

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