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Let Me Do What I Love So You Can Skip What You Dread

Like so many skills worth acquiring, writing is easy to learn and difficult to master. Everyone has done it since at least the first grade, right? But when you’re a business trying to get your message straight or hoping to create powerful copy that makes readers care about your product or service, writing can feel monumentally hard. Not just any words will do.

I can find the perfect words to solve any writing chore you have. With years as a reporter, editor and marketer, I know all about getting to the heart of a story, making it snappy and creating converts out of readers. As a novelist and scriptwriter, I understand the power of narrative. It’s the glue that holds human communication together, because we all crave stories. And as a lifetime student of rhetoric and persuasion, I’m an expert on the structure and language required to shift opinion. Let me apply my love of these approaches to create the words your business or organization needs to get out into the world. I’ll enjoy every minute of the process, and you can be free to do the things that you love too.

Thanks for stopping by! While you’re here, why not schedule a free 15-minute Copy Chemistry Lab session to chat about how I can help?

~ Emily

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